Solid surface materials are made from 1/3 acrylic resin, & 2/3 natural minerals. The end result is a hardwearing solution with a high-end finish.

Corian & other solid surface brands are ideal for bathrooms & kitchens thanks to their nonporous properties, which prevents the buildup of mould & bacteria. Because of these hygienic benefits, solid surface has become an increasingly popular option for the healthcare industry & commercial kitchens.

Of the solid surface industry, Corian by DuPont is the biggest brand. Because of this, Corian is often used as a catch-all phrase to generalise solid surface materials (think Hoover & how it became the term for Vacuum Cleaner).

Not only does XIV offer Corian for solid surface projects, but we also produce products with Tristone & Staron.

We use Corian, Tristone & Staron for worktops, shower trays, vanity tops, dining tables, desks, coffee tables, tableware & more. Across all the solid surface options we offer, there is a huge range of colour & texture options to suit every interior design.