XIV are passionate about localised manufacturing. We try to source all of our furniture from our UK manufacturing partners, but will source from European manufacturers when it provides clients with a considerable saving.

When we discuss localisation, we are referring to the process of bringing our manufacturing of furniture as close to customers as possible.

So, why is localisation important?

We believe localisation is the future.

From a climate change perspective, localising manufacturing greatly reduces the carbon emissions involved as you minimise the amount of shipping required to customers. Additionally, we know that European furniture manufacturers are often using better sourced materials, which also can reduce emissions.

From a human rights perspective, many manufacturers outside of Europe use questionable business practices when manufacturing furniture. Child labour, unfair wages & unsafe work conditions are often the price workers pay for our decision to purchase cheap goods.

We don’t have many solutions for the world’s problems, but we do know that the furniture industry could greatly reduce its negative output through localisation.

Localisation boosts the local economy & helps improve job demand for these industries, which then helps improve innovation. Even if you choose not to purchase from XIV, please question where your furniture is being made.