Localisation: Benefits to localised manufacturing

Corian Kitchen Countertops UK

XIV are passionate about localised manufacturing. We try to source all of our furniture from our UK manufacturing partners, but will source from European manufacturers when it provides clients with a considerable saving. When we discuss localisation, we are referring to the process of bringing our manufacturing of furniture as close to customers as possible. […]

Corian Bathrooms UK

Corian Shelves UK

Corian & solid surface materials are a perfect solution for bathroom areas. As Corian is a nonporous material, it prevents mould from developing within the bathroom which is essential in areas which can be damp & humid. All of our solutions are made-to-measure to ensure they fit your bathroom. Other, more cost-effective solid surface brands […]

What is Corian & Solid Surface?

Marble Effect Corian Kitchen Worktops UK

Solid surface materials are made from 1/3 acrylic resin, & 2/3 natural minerals. The end result is a hardwearing solution with a high-end finish. Corian & other solid surface brands are ideal for bathrooms & kitchens thanks to their nonporous properties, which prevents the buildup of mould & bacteria. Because of these hygienic benefits, solid […]