Where are XIV’s products from?

All of XIV’s products are manufactured in the UK.

How does ordering from XIV work?

Ready to order items are delivered within 1 working week of ordering, fulfilled by suppliers in the UK.

The majority of our products are manufactured upon ordering to help reduce the price. Because of this, each product type will have its own unique delivery/fulfilment time.

Most individual items can be sold directly from our website. Some of our “made-to-measure” furniture will require a quotation before a price can be confirmed.

For more than one product, get in touch to discuss a bulk-buy discount.

How do I pay on XIV?

You can pay using a variety of methods, including; PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Maestro, Apple Pay & more.

Why XIV?

XIV aims to connect homes, businesses & interior designers directly with UK made furniture & decor products.

When buying from most furniture stores, the products are usually imported from abroad. Not only are you paying for the furniture & the privilege of buying it from the supplier, but also the high-prices of shipping this furniture over from the country of origin.

Many online stores ship directly from Asian manufacturers which follow unethical business practices.

Additionally, the materials used for that furniture won’t necessarily undergo the same rigorous checks that are regulatory in the UK, potentially coming from unsustainable sources.

Buying from XIV means you know it’s coming from the UK, supporting local businesses & the economy.

Refund & Shopping Policies

When ordering from our online store, each item will have its own refund policy, fulfilment times & delivery prices.

This information can be found on each product page, and if it’s not available it’s likely that one of our team or suppliers will be in touch to provide more information upon request.

The products advertised on XIV Furniture are not available internationally currently, as we are focusing on serving the United Kingdom first.