We’re creating made-to-measure bathroom decor from the UK & using materials that last.

XIV was created to promote better quality materials in the UK bathroom industry. Our team were bored of seeing low quality materials used in awkwardly sized furniture which force people to compromise on their interior vision; so we made a solution.

So, why use XIV?

  • Personalised interior decor for bathrooms.
  • Better utilise your bathroom space.
  • Tailor the decor to include features for your specific needs.
  • Make your interior vision a reality.

What services & products do we offer?

  • Solid surface countertops
  • Vanity units
  • Bathroom shelves
  • Cabinets
  • Wall panels
  • Shower benches
  • Shower trays
  • Cabinets
  • Bespoke designs
  • & more

What’s the story behind XIV?

Following several years of working within a UK manufacturer who specialise in commercial furniture, our team saw a growing opportunity to use their manufacturing expertise within the domestic industry. Whilst we have experimented with supplying domestic furniture with our commercial brand, we knew there was a limit to what we could do with this brand.

There’s a few reasons why we found ourselves gravitating towards the retail industry:

  • Lots of products are overlooked by the current brands on the market. Probably as they are unable to offer a “made-to-measure” service (due to outsourcing manufacturing to the East), which makes them unable to offer these products.
  • Many retail brands use subpar quality materials. One particularly big furniture brand fills a good percentage of its furniture with flame retardant cardboard to massively reduce the costs.
  • There’s a growing demand for localisation in the retail market, & as we already have significant ties to a UK manufacturer it seems like a great opportunity.

XIV Furniture is a trading name of By XIV Limited.